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2015-6-6 15:56:51

Jinan lift hydraulic lift systems are generally equipped with anti-dropping, overloading, power outages and other security devices, rail-style external power unit, table or bar the import of lanyards, guardrails and hydraulic lifting platform warning lights or warning bells, door use the lift circuit safety switch is turned off, and many other functions, which greatly facilitates the work of the multi-layer control operator, jog and safe mode operation.
Jinan rugged hydraulic lift, carrying capacity, stable lifting, easy installation and maintenance are among the lower floors ideal for economical and practical transportation of goods instead of the elevator equipment, depending on the installation and use requirements bad environment of hydraulic freight elevator, hydraulic freight elevators can choose different configuration complete lifting goods tasks to achieve better results.
If Jinan larger size hydraulic lift when needed, can be fixed double cross hydraulic lift freight elevators, large double cross cargo lifter steady load capacity, simple operation, widely used in automotive repair, chemical equipment and other industries